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Conference announcementsEdit

Rolling announcement: Royal Musical Association Student Study Days

List of forthcoming conferencesEdit

March 2021Edit

  1. Society for Christian Scholarship in Music Annual Meeting, Macon, Georgia, USA, 25–27 February 2021
  2. Fragility of Sounds Online Lecture Series (Vaitkevičiūtė/Weiss), online, 4 March 2021
  3. Women Leaders in the Contemporary Music Industries, online, 8 March 2021
  4. Ruth Gipps: A Centennial Symposium, online, 8 March 2021
  5. Fragility of Sounds Online Lecture Series (Fernandez/Morishita), online, 11 March 2021
  6. Beyond Sovereignism: New perspectives on Fausto Torrefranca, Rome, 11–13 March 2021
  7. Music and Art in Pandemic, online, 18–19 March 2021
  8. Music and Audio-Visual Culture MUCA, online, 22–26 March 2021
  9. Global Piano Roll Meeting – Prelude 2, online, 27 March 2021

April 2021Edit

  1. PERSONALIA, Sofia, Bulgaria, 13–15 April 2021
  2. Technique of Musical Сomposition: Нistorical Avatars, Moscow, 13–15 April 2021
  3. Midlands Music Research Network Conference, online, 19–20 April 2021
  4. Composing the Historical 2, online (University of Surrey), 21 April 2021
  5. Towards 2040: Creating Classical Music Futures, online, 21–22 April 2021
  6. Worldwide Music Conference, Prague, 22–23 April 2021
  7. Palestrina and his Time – Traditional and Digital Research Perspectives. International Symposium on the Farewell of Prof. Dr. Peter Ackermann, online, 22–23 April 2021
  8. 4th Tbilisi International Musicological Conference (TIMC) – National and International in Music, Tblisi, 22–4 April 2021
  9. Ludo2021: Conference on Video Game Music and Sound, online, 23–25 April 2021
  10. Marginalised Voices and Figures in French Festival Culture, 1500–1800, London, 24–25 April 2021
  11. Music and Intercultural Practice, online, 29–30 April 2021

May 2021Edit

  1. Music Performance as Creation, Lisbon, 5–7 May 2021
  2. Early Recordings: Diversity in Practice, online, 5–19 May 2021
  3. Between Centres and Peripheries, online, 6–8 May 2021
  4. Through the Prism of Chopin: Reimagining the 19th Century. International Chopinological Congress, Warsaw, 6–9 May 2021
  5. Away from the Centre: Conceptualising the Regional and Rural (1850–1950), online, 10 May 2021
  6. NoiseFloor 2021, online, 11–12 May 2021
  7. Reframing the Golden Age Musical: Methods, Sources, Performance, Carmel, Indiana, 12–14 May 2021
  8. Music, Mortality, and Ritual Symposium, Online, 15th May 2021

June 2021Edit

  1. International Forum «New Music», online and St. Petersburg, 21 May – 2 June 2021
  2. [1], International Artistic and Scientific Conference Pajo Kolarić and his time, Osijek, Croatia, 26-27 May 2021
  3. Music and the Moving Image XVII, online, 27–30 May 2021
  4. SMI and ICTM Ireland Plenary Conference 2021, Dublin, 27–30 May 2021
  5. Networked Collaborative Processes 2021, online, June 2021
  6. 2021 Annual Meeting of the New Zealand Musicological Society: ‘Music, Society, Agency’, Auckland, 19–20 June 2021
  7. Music Across the Ocean: Processes of Cultural Exchange in a Transatlantic Space, 1800–1950, Vienna, 24–25 June 2021
  8. tosc@bayreuth.2021: Junior Scholar Opera Conference, online, 24–25 June 2021
  9. 4th Transnational Opera Studies Conference, Bayreuth, 24–26 June 2021
  10. Transformations of Musical Creativity in the 21st Century, online, 24–27 June 2021
  11. Musical Creation on the Soundtrack, online, 25–26 June 2021
  12. 4th AEMC Conference on Music, Communication and Performance: Narrating Music online, 26-27 June 2021
  13. Music as Heritage: From Tradition to Product, Budapest, 28 June – 7 July 2021

July 2021Edit

  1. 8th Conference of the Royal Musical Association Music & Philosophy Study Group, London, 1–2 July 2021
  2. Performance Studies Network International Conference 2020/2021, Huddersfield, UK, 1–4 July 2021 (Rescheduled)
  3. Women and Music in the Early Modern Age, Queluz, Portugal, 2–4 July 2021
  4. Avant-Garde and Experimental Creative Considerations in Art Music, Nanhua University, Chiayi, Taiwan, 3 July 2021 (online and in person)
  5. Medieval and Renaissance International Music Conference 2021, Lisbon, Portugal, 5–9 July
  6. Beyond the Avant-Garde? Rethinking the Vanguard in British Music since 1970, online, 9 July 2021
  7. 2021 Annual Institute for Russian Music Studies Conference. July 14-18, Vipiteno, Italy
  8. Music Encoding Conference 2021, Alicante, 19–22 July 2021
  9. The Motherland Resurrected: Manifestations of Nationalism in Music Since the End of the ‘Short Twentieth Century’, online, 22 July 2021
  10. Visualising the Unseen: Music in Visual Culture, Prague, 22–4 July 2021
  11. ESCOM11, Sheffield, UK; Baku, Azerbaijan; Bogota, Colombia; Bengaluru, India; Vilnius, Lithuania; Bydgoszcz, Poland; TBC, South Africa, 28–31 July 2021
  12. Birmingham Music Analysis Conference (BrumMAC 2021), Birmingham, 29–31 July 2021

August 2021Edit

  1. The Sixth Biennial Christian Congregational Music: Local and Global Perspectives Conference, Oxford, 2–6 August 2021
  2. North American British Music Studies Symposium: New Approaches to Music, Identiry, and the British Empire from the Early Modern Era to Brexit, Zoom event, 9 & 11 August 2021

September 2021Edit

  1. Doctors in Performance, Tallinn, Estonia, 1-3 September 2021 (Rescheduled)
  2. Narrating Musicology: Reviewing the History/Histories of Musicology, Bern, 5–8 September 2021 (Rescheduled)
  3. The Figured Bass Accompaniment in Europe, Brescia, Italy, 10–12 September 2021
  4. Warsaw Autumn Festival – Its Role and Significance for the Musical Life of the Countries on Both Sides of the Iron Curtain (and After its Fall), Warsaw, 16–17 September 2021
  5. Choral Life in Switzerland, 19th-21st Century, Bern, 17–18 September 2021
  6. III Conference on artistic research in music of the Pyrenees, Puigcerdà (Girona) Spain, 17-19 September 2021
  7. Perspectives on Sylvano Bussotti, Giessen, Germany, 29 September–1 October 2021

October 2021Edit

  1. Music in the Pacific World: Change and Exchange Through Sound and Memory, Taipei, Taiwan, 15–17 October 2021
  2. Classical Music in Contemporary Media and Society, Gothenburg, 15–17 October 2021
  3. Italian Film Music, 1950s-1970s: Between Tradition, Innovation, and Internationalisation, online, 15–17 October 2021
  4. Sweelinck Studies: Exploring New Approaches, Amsterdam, 20–22 October 2021
  5. Authentic, Fake or Mistaken Identity? Creation, Recreation, Deception and Forgery in Music and the Related Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 21–22 October 2021
  6. Music – Musicology – Interpretation, Belgrade, 21–23 October 2021
  7. Typologies of Music Signification: Retrospective and Perspective, Vilnius, 21–23 October 2021
  8. Transnational Perspectives on Music, Sound and (War) Propaganda (1914-1945) - Humboldt University, Berlin, 21-23 October 2021, online

November 2021Edit

  1. SysMus21, Aarhus, Denmark, 2–5 November 2021
  2. 22nd International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference, online, 8–12 November 2021
  3. Virtuosity and Innovation. Symposium on Piano Music of the Brilliant Style (ca. 1790–1840), Cottbus, Germany, 12–14 November 2021
  4. The Sound of Empire: Soundscape, Aesthetics and Performance between Ancien régime and Restoration, online, Italy, 12–14 November 2021
  5. Principles of Music Composing: Phenomenon of Creativity, Vilnius, Lithuania, 17–19 November 2021
  6. Handel: Interactions and Influences, London, 20–21 November 2021
  7. V International Conference Opera in Musical Theater: History and Present Time, Moscow, 22–26 November 2021

December 2021Edit

  1. Music and Power in the Long Nineteenth Century, Siena, 2–4 December 2021
  2. Unmasking Max: Peter Maxwell Davies Study Day, Cardiff, 4 December 2021
  3. Musicological Society of Australia Annual Conference, 9-11 December 2021
  4. Chamber Music 1850–1918, online, Italy, 10–12 December 2021

January 2022Edit

  1. Baltic Musics After the Post-Soviet, online 21–23 January 2022
  2. CFP – Global Musicology – Global Music History (Virtual Conference), 25-27 January 2022

April 2022Edit

  1. La Péniche Opéra 1982–2015, Paris et Poitiers (FR) 4–10 April 2022

May 2022Edit

  1. Xenakis 22: Centenary International Symposium, Athens & Nafplio, Greece, 24-29 May 2022.

August 2022Edit

  1. IMS2022: 21st Quinquennial IMS Congress, Athens, 22–6 August 2022