Societies and associations

This is a list of societies and associations with a musicological focus, broadly defined.

  1. American Musicological Society
  2. British Audio-Visual Research Network
  3. British Forum for Ethnomusicology
  4. British Harpsichord Society ("extensive source of harpsichord related information with a UK focus")
  5. British Society for Music Therapy
  6. Canadian University Music Society (CUMS)
  7. Cinco Siglos (cultural society, offering medieval music pages)
  8. College Music Society
  9. Czech and Slovak Music Society
  10. Deutsche Gesellschaft für elektroakustische Musik, Technical University Berlin
  11. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Musikpsychologie
  12. Deutsche Musikrat
  13. Dvořák Society
  14. Elgar Society
  15. English Folk Dance & Song Society, Cecil Sharp House, London NW1 (with Vaughan Williams Memorial Library, containing library, picture and sound archive of traditional dance, music and song of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and related cultures overseas (e.g. Appalachian)
  16. European Societies for the Theory & Analysis of Music. This website provides links to the following thirteen individual European societies:
    1. ATAM, Associació de Teoria i Anàlisi Musicals
    2. GATM, Gruppo Analisi e Teoria Musicale
    3. GMTh, Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie
    4. HDGT, Hrvatsko društvo glazbenih teoretičara (Croatian Society)
    5. OTM, Общество Теории Музыки (Russian Society)
    6. PTAM, Polskie Towarzystwo Analizy Muzycznej (Polish Society)
    7. SATMUS, Sociedad de Análisis y Teoría Musical
    8. SBAM, Société belge d’analyse musicale
    9. SDMT, Српско друштво за музичку теорију, Srpsko društvo za muzičku teoriju (Serbian Society)
    10. SFAM, Société française d’Analyse musicale
    11. SMA, Society for Music Analysis
    12. SPIM–Team, Grupo de trabalho em Teoria, Análise e Estética da Música
    13. VvM, Vereniging voor Muziektheorie
  17. European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music
  18. Film Music Society
  19. Société Française d'Ethnomusicologie (French Society of Ethnomusicology)
  20. Galpin Society
  21. Gesellschaft für Musikforschung
  22. Gregorian Association
  23. Incorporated Society of Musicians, London
  24. Institute for Russian Music Studies
  25. International Alliance for Women in Music
  26. International Association for Word and Music Studies
  27. International Computer Music Association (ICMA), Computer Music Software Library and Resource Locator
  28. International Computer Music Association (ICMA) Software Library
  29. International Gustav Mahler Society, Vienna
  30. International Musicological Society
  31. International Sebastian Erard Society (Erard harps and pianos)
  32. International Society for Contemporary Music
  33. Israel Musicological Society
  34. Italian Musicological Society (Società Italiana di Musicologia, SIdM)
  35. LandesMusikRat Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. (the regional music council of North Rhine Westphalia)
  36. LGBTQ+ Music Study Group
  37. Ludomusicology Research Group
  38. Lute Society
  39. Lyrica Society (Society for Word-Music Relationships) (which sponsors, in part, H-musTXT, a moderated list devoted to musico-textual studies (go to
  40. Musicological Society of Australia
  41. Musicological Society of Southern Africa, SAMUS
  42. NABMSA (North American British Music Studies Association)
  43. Plainsong and Mediaeval Music Society
  44. Renaissance Society of America
  45. Royal Musical Association (RMA)
  46. RMA Music and Philosophy Study Group
  47. Slavic and East European Folklore Association ("a non-profit organization devoted to an exchange of knowledge among scholars interested in Slavic and East European folklore. It seeks to promote instruction, to organize panels at national and international conferences, to encourage the preparation of teaching materials and translations, and to foster exchanges, summer programs, and research in Slavic and East European Folklore and related fields such as anthropology, ethnic studies, history, literature, and musicology")
  48. Société francaise de Musicologie
  49. Society for Ethnomusicology
  50. Society for Interdisciplinary Musicology
  51. Society for Music Analysis
  52. Society for Musicology in Ireland (SMI)
  53. Society for Music Theory, including facilities for joining the society
  54. Society for Music Theory, Committee on the Status of Women (with information about the committee and its projects, including a Bibliography of Resources in Music and Women's Studies, SMT's Guidelines for Non-Sexist Language, and an Archive of Syllabi from Women and Music Courses)
  55. Society for Music Theory, VPS (Virtual Poster Session, index of current abstracts in music theory, linked to remote sites that contain the abstracts themselves)
  56. Society for Music Theory Conference, 1995, abstracts of papers
  57. Society for Research in Psychology of Music and Music Education
  58. Society for Seventeenth-Century Music
  59. Society for Slovene Studies (University of Alberta)
  60. Society for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies (SSPHS)
  61. Swedish Musicological Society
  62. Viola da Gamba Society