2021 Annual Institute for Russian Music Studies Conference

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2021 Annual Institute for Russian Music Studies Conference. July 14-18, Vipiteno, Italy[edit]

Utopia and Dystopia in Russian Music

Special sessions:

Dmitry Shostakovich – 115th Anniversary

“Tchaikovsky and Friends”

to commemorate 180th Tchaikovsky’s anniversary (carried over from 2020)

“Russian Women Composers and Performers”

Two IRMS 2021 Prizes and monetary awards to be awarded:

for the Best Junior Scholar Paper and the Best Student Paper

Further detail on Website:


The conference of the Institute for Russian Music Studies (IRMS) is hosted July 14-18, 2021 (July 13 arrival – July 18 departure) under the auspices of the Orfeo Music Festival and the Municipality of Vipiteno. Scholars and students of Russian music from around the world are invited to submit paper proposals of new research in Russian music and panel discussion proposals. The committee will select papers of special interest for conference presentations and panel sessions. Papers are planned as 20-minute presentations followed by 10-minute discussions. The official languages of the conference are English and Russian (with provided English translation).

April 10: 1) Deadline for 300-400-word abstract. Include title of proposed paper, the state of research field and the contribution of the paper to the field. 2) Your 100-word biography, digital headshot, name, institutional affiliation or independent scholar status and your contact information. Email to: InstituteRMS@gmail.com.

April 20: Paper acceptance notifications are sent out. The committee will finalize the decision on the papers included in the conference and will inform the contributors immediately thereafter.

April 21 – May 31: Registration is open on the website. https://www.orfeomusicfestival.com/registration-conference-irms

Fees: $190 for 4 days & includes lunch, Early Registration $150 by 4/30, Student Registration available.

The Institute for Russian Music Studies is an international learned society devoted to the advancement of Russian music scholarship. The main activity of the society is its annual conference conducted in the relaxed atmosphere of the Italian Alps for participants from Europe, Russia, Americas and Asia that includes representatives of institutions of higher learning, scholars, and graduate students.

Conference Board:

Ada Aynbinder (Tchaikovsky State Museum-Reserve, State Institute for Art Studies, Russia)

Philip Ross Bullock (University of Oxford, UK)

Olga Digonskaya (Shostakovich Archive, Russian National Museum of Music, Russia)

Emily Frey (Brandeis University, USA)

Marina Frolova-Walker (Cambridge University, UK)

Larisa Jackson (University of Houston - Downtown, USA; OMF, Italy)

Simon Morrison (Princeton University, USA)

Website: https://www.orfeomusicfestival.com/2021-irms-conference

Email: InstituteRMS@gmail.com