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Welcome to Golden Pages for Musicologists

This is the Main Page for the Golden Pages wiki, a freely editable resource for musicologists. The full Golden Pages website, which lists forthcoming conferences and numerous links of interest to musicologists, is at this website.


This wiki has been started to allow organizers of departmental research seminars, or other virtual events, to advertise in one location. In the new world created by the Covid-19 pandemic, attendance at virtual musicology events around the world has become in principle much easier. But while adverts posted to musicology mailing lists are a useful way for departments to advertise a termly calendar, and send reminders for individual events, the Golden Pages moderators (Tim Summers and Tom Parkinson, both at the Department of Music, Royal Holloway, University of London) feel it would additionally be useful to provide a chronologically ordered listing, which can be freely edited by anyone in the world, to enable the widest possible audience.

Your wiki, your pages

But this wiki is more broadly intended for musicologists to create any content they think will be of use to other musicologists. So feel free to create new pages and entirely new functions for this wiki. If a page doesn't exist, it's easy to create one: simply type a new page title after the wiki's root URL (, and hit Enter. The wiki will give you the option of creating a page. So, if you want to create a new page on 'a_topic_of_musicological_interest', type '' into your browser's address bar, hit Enter, and then click on the link to 'create this page'. The Golden Pages moderators will gradually (probably very gradually!) move over some of the currently hosted site, including the archive of dissertation abstracts, so that users of this wiki can create and edit this material whenever they want. But please don't wait for the moderators to add to this wiki: add whatever you think will be of interest or use to musicologists.

If you have a suggestion for a new category to appear on the 'navigation' pane (on the left-hand side on desktop computers), which would aid navigation around the wiki, please add it to the 'discussion' [tab] on this page. An administrator might be able to add it.

Wiki contents

Conference listings

A list of forthcoming conferences in music can be found here. If you would like to advertise a conference, please follow the instructions on that page.

An archive of past conferences can be found here. (It will gradually be migrated from the old Golden Pages archive, which stretches back to the 1990s.)

Departmental events

If you are organizing an event, and are comfortable with editing wikis, please go straight to the seminar listings page:

Departmental seminars listing

How to edit the wiki

For those unfamiliar with wiki editing, instructions can be read here. It's actually very easy.